Why work with Perfect Marketing people?

It might be that you want to work in a funky agency where it’s work hard, play hard and you’re keen to work your socks off for that promotion to Account Director,  or you might enjoy having a work wardrobe and a social wardrobe so you’re happy to be suited and booted doing a nine to six in financial services. We like to think that we’ll understand you – the individual and we’ll do what other recruiters don’t do – we’ll listen to what you want and then advise you on the best course of action.

If we can’t help you, we’ll be honest and tell you If we think you’re looking for something unrealistic, we’ll let you down gently. Everyone at Perfect Marketing People has worked in marketing before making the change to recruitment so we’ve all been candidates and have all worked with other recruitment consultants. We’ve been let down plenty of times by shoddy service, people who’ve say they’ll call and then don’t. We’ve all sat waiting by the phone having been told we’re being shortlisted for a fantastic new role waiting for feedback – only never to hear from the consultant again. We think that’s awful and that everyone deserves feedback. Sometimes, clients don’t give us feedback but if that’s the case we’ll tell you why and ask you to bear with us whilst we persevere – after all, clients are busy people too and recruitment is just part of running their businesses.

So if you like the sound of us and you’re a pedigree marketer – either agency or in-house then drop us an email at enquiry@perfectmarketingpeople.com or call 0844 335 6379.

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