What you get out of it?

  • We'll find the right recruitment solution for you.  This might be:
    • Working on an exclusive basis. We won’t charge you up front, but will use the opportunity to sound out our contacts informally, advertise on your behalf, gather the best list of candidates from across the industry and manage the process on your behalf, without you having to deal with multiple recruiters. We’ll even offer a reduced cost to reflect your confidence in us. We’ll ask for a couple of weeks of exclusivity and if we can’t find someone within those timescales, we’ll recommend that you brief another recruiter. Can you think of any other recruitment company who’d tell you to work with someone else?
    • Working on a contingent basis. Fundamentally this means no fee unless we find you that perfect marketing person. You can work with as many recruiters as you’d like (although most find a small select set works best) and it’s an even playing field. We’re pretty confident though that you’ll like working with us so much that soon you won’t want to brief any other recruiters.
    • Branded advertised search. In some circumstances, we might propose a jointly advertised search for candidates. We’d assess the role, evaluate the appropriate trade titles for you and produce the copy. We’re able to negotiate lower advertising rates for you and will manage the entire process of handling responses and forming a shortlist.
    • Whichever process we follow, we’ll run a full search of the Perfect Marketing People database. We have built the database with candidates who have registered with us and we’ve spent the time to get to know and profile their aims and abilities. They may have replied to our online advertising, contacted us directly, been referred to us by friends or even worked with us in the past either as candidates or clients and now be on the outlook for something new.
  • We meet our candidates. Many recruiters say they do but they probably only meet a proportion. We are inundated with candidates seeking to register with Perfect Marketing People, but we only take on those we believe we can help – which means those we are confident you’d want to work with. We’re recruiters, not administrators If you meet one of our candidates, we’ll have met them and be confident they are worth your while.
  • Actually, when we meet our candidates, we meet them informally for a glass of wine, we don’t ask them to put a suit on and do the corporate thing. This is generally out of hours and it works because we get to see another side of the candidate. People give more of their real character away when relaxed, and nine times out of ten, it’s ‘fit’ and ‘personality’ that gets someone a job. This unique approach allows us to really match candidate and client together properly in terms of much more than a list of skills on a CV.
  • We’re small. That means we care. We’re not a faceless recruiter, we’re individuals who are passionate about placing the right people in the right job. Every brief is important to us and with every client we work with, we want to develop a long term relationship.
  • We won’t swamp you with CVs – we’ve probably said that already but with repetition it’ll sink in!
  • When we send over a candidate’s details, we won’t just send the CV.  We’ll attach a full profile which will allow you to see just why that person could be the perfect marketing person for your job. Often CVs are a bit too one dimensional whereas after meeting the candidate we’ll be able to add more substance to their application and make your selection process easier.
  • Networking and referrals make our world go round. We ask good candidates to refer friends and colleagues who are looking for their perfect role. We find this works really well, and these candidates tend to work with us on an exclusive basis too. After all, why would candidates choose to work with disinterested sales people when they can work with nice happy people who care about finding them the perfect role?

We’re not going to ask you to fill in any online forms.  Just pick up the phone and give us a call on 0844 335 6379 or drop us an email at enquiry@perfectmarketingpeople.com

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