Relationship led Recruitment with personality, honesty, diligence, hard work and humour.

Perfect Marketing People (PMP) is Fiona Christian. That’s a statement of fact, not anything ego driven. And that sums up PMP perfectly. We’re not a typical recruitment business and Fiona certainly never set out to work in recruitment. With a MSc in Chemistry and 10 years marketing experience, she was frustrated with the service provided by recruiters when she herself was searching for a new job. Fiona had worked agency side and in-house and the recruiters that she came across were by and large pompous, led by financial targets and numbers and without any real understanding of the marketing sector, the intricacies of the roles within the sector and most importantly absolutely zero interest in the people that they were supposed to be helping.

Since 2009, PMP has worked hard to counter the often negative perceptions that are associated with recruitment consultants and it is very much a relationship led business. PMP is here for the long haul and we know that the marketing sector in the North is a relatively small one - what goes around comes around. We place candidates at all stages of their career and whilst we never demand exclusivity from either our candidates or clients, we are fortunate to reap the rewards of a service led personal approach to recruitment and our level of repeat business is testament to this. Fiona believes that everyone deserves to love their job and to get a kick out of what they’re doing. She is also a firm believer that there is somewhere for everyone and she loves getting to know her candidates and clients and ensuring that everyone involved in the process finds their perfect fit.

When Fiona launched PMP she purposefully did it with a focus on service and relationships and to have a great work life balance for herself - not on building a recruitment empire to sell off for zillions of pounds. Fiona thrives on being an active recruiter and her own kicks come with the day to day contact with candidates and clients - she is genuinely doing what she loves.

What is our geography?

PMP operates across the North of England. Manchester and Leeds are the key cities that we recruit for but we’ve also got plenty of clients across all parts of the North West, Cheshire and Yorkshire. Increasingly, remote working is offered by our clients so wherever you are based, it’s worth giving us a call.

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