Here at Perfect Marketing People, we have a bit of mantra. Life is short.

PMP operates a relationship led approach with each and every one of our candidates. Candidates find us from a variety of sources, online job boards, social media platforms, recommendations from friends or colleagues and clients often become candidates too. If you have applied for a specific role, we’ll discuss that role with you but we’ll also review all our existing opportunities to ensure that we are offering you the best service and doing our best to find you your perfect marketing role.

You might be actively looking for a new role or just keeping an eye out on the market. Because we offer such a personalised approach to recruitment, you’ll be regarded as someone to stay in touch with and not just as a one off recruitment fee. Since 2009 we have placed candidates several times in their career and this repeat business is testament to the trust that individuals place in us.

Typically, in the first instance we’ll ask for a CV and then we’ll have a chat. We won’t make instant judgements and put you into a box, we’ll ask you what you’re looking for and properly listen. We’ll guide you through the recruitment process and manage your expectations relative to what is available, what is achievable and how long it might take. If the perfect role isn’t available right now, we’ll stay in touch and we’ll remember you when it does present itself. We’re happy to run opportunities by you and if they appeal, great, we’ll progress but if you’re not convinced, we won’t bully you into submission. We’ll listen and then adapt what we’re looking for on your behalf.

We’re also honest. We’ll give you our honest opinion on everything from the quality of your CV, whether it’s an appropriate photo on there through to your salary expectations and whether a 3 day week is realistic. Every answer is different relative both to the employer and the opportunity.

Wherever possible, we are also proactive. We know our clients and what kind of personality profiles and skills they are looking for. Several clients ask us to keep them abreast of good candidates so we’ll usually propose some proactive approaches for you if you are a strong fit for any of our specific clients. This is why it’s always worth getting in touch with us even if you don’t see a live opportunity advertised that fits the bill.

We update all our opportunities daily on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn but we also email a weekly round-up of roles which are our priority opportunities. If you’d like to receive this weekly email, please email

We’re always happy to chat. So if you’re just looking for guidance in the first instance, if you’re unsure about how the process works, if you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, give Fiona a call or email and arrange a callback.

   Key reasons to talk to PMP:

  • We’re honest
  • We’re proactive
  • We listen
  • We genuinely know our clients, we love matchmaking
  • We’re nice
  • We never advertise a role that doesn’t exist
  • We’ll always get back to you

Not all recruiters are made equal!